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    About Me

    What are my passions? A good cause to fight for, politics, art, creating art or a good story. But.... gotta watch the weight and lighten everything up. 

    There's no reason/excuse to poison a good recipe with extra sugar/carbs/calories and fat because "that's how gramma made it"  yeah?  Gramma also had diabetes, heart disease, kidney failure and lost her leg because diabetes gave her gangrene - so do you still want to eat that piece of chocolate cake or sprinkle a teaspoon of sugar over that cucumber vinegarette, or would you rather keep your leg? Keep your fingers, keep your kidneys' functioning, keep your vision, keep the wrinkles away, keep cancer away.  Me, personally, there's not a piece of cake, pie or strudel on Earth that I'm willing to lose a body part for or be on dialysis for - and NEITHER SHOULD YOU!   Let's cut back on some unecessary additives and keep it healthy!  A spoonful of sugar has NO PLACE in any recipe, might as well say: "A spoonful of paint thinner" only the paint thinner won't cause as much damage!  

    I know I'm militant about these things, that's because both my grandparents were raging diabetics and died slow, horrible deaths because of diabetes so I am ANTI-SUGAR!  I'd rather smoke a cigarette than eat a cookie!  Offering me anything with sugar in it: "Pie, Cake, Cookies, etc" is NOT being a "good hostess" it's like offering to torture and kill me.... if you want me to like you - NEVER OFFER ME ANYTHING WITH SUGAR IN IT!

    So, I've had a weight problem my whole life too (another genetic gift from my mother! THANKS MOM!) And if I don't want to die a horrific slow death that takes place over a period of 10 agony-filled years of having body-parts removed 1 at a time until what's left of you finally dies..... well, I have to make some EXTREME changes in my diet and the way I think about food! Hence, my hatred for sugar and all things with added sugar.

    What are my pet peeves? SUGAR!  It's POISON and its in EVERTHING: Salad dressing, bread, tomato sauce, crackers, cheese, anything CANNED like "Chef Boyardi" - why not just feed your kids rat poison for dinner? Yesterday was 'Halloween" and I got dirty looks because I was handing out sealed boxes of organic craisins, not candy!  Seriously, that stuff is TOXIC and I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY everyone bans smoking, transfat but NOT SUGAR/HFCS, etc... It's just as dangerous! BAN SUGAR NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I like what Jamie Oliver said: "Tax the hell out of sugar like you do with cigarettes and see how fast the food companies remove that poison from our food." I'm on board with that idea. I'm going to say it again: "BAN SUGAR NOW! DOWN WITH SUGAR!!!!! SUGAR IS MURDER!!!"

    My tips for cheating sugar out of your diet.  It will take some getting use to, but keeping your vision, legs, fingers (not to mention some beauty perks like: less wrinkles, more youthful skin) oh, and did I forget to mention that SUGAR also is FUEL for CANCER? Yes it is - check out reliable sources like Johns Hopkins and the Mayo Clinic.  Even if diabetes isn't in your family - just get rid of sugar to prevent cancer or wrinkles.  I'm sorry, it's NOT good for you, not even in "moderation."  Seriously, if you think "All things in moderation are ok".... well.... is "smoking" in moderation ok? Nope! Is cocaine in moderation ok? Nope!  There's ALL the sugar mother-nature intended you need in whole vegtables and fruit (REAL FRUIT, not "Fruit Roll-Ups").  

    Some ways to get sugar out:

    Salad Dressings: NEVER buy a pre-made dressing from the store, make you're own!  Not only is it better for you because you control what goes in.... but it TASTES better... because you control what goes in.  For example: I LOVE Spicy.  You'll never see a "Cayenne & Tabasco Sauce" Salad Dressing so I make my own.  You'll never see a "So-much-Garlic-mosquitos-&-vampires-won't-come-near-you" dressing, so I make my own! Just take vinegar (any kind, but be careful of balsamic because it's got a lot of SUGAR in it) and take some OLIVE OIL and start tossing in your favorite things., shallots, fresh basil, thyme, garlic, hot sauce, etc...  Some dressings might be better than others.  As soon as you find one that's out of this world - make sure your write down what you did before you forget and make that your "Go-To" Salad dressing.  NEVER, NEVER,, NEVER add fatty things like creams and milk to your dressings (PLEASE!) that defeats the whole point of making your own healthy version at home.

    Ketchup/Catsup: If you can find a sugar free one, good for you!  If not - throw this out and get used to using mustard only.  Don't give me that "It's UnAmerican to not put Ketcup on my hotdog" Well..... If you watch to food network, you'll see that "Ketchup" is consider a child's condiment. Places like the birth place of original Hamburger "Louis Lunch" in New Haven, CT have signs all over the place that scream: "No Ketcup.  No Ketchup allowed - don't even ask."   People in Chicago got really upset that a recipe on foodnetwork suggested catsup:  and then there's "Nathans" Hotdogs was featured on the Food network and the owner bascially said that any adult who still used ketchup has a low-class palate. (OUCH! even I wouldn't say something THAT harsh)  If you even looks at the Nathan's website, you'll see that "ketchup" is NOT one of the toppings they offer on their hotdogs:   The FoodNetwork has recipes of Hotdogs from Coast to Coast and the ONLY one that includes "ketchup" is the Venezula Hotdog (I thought Venezula was in South America!)  Here you go, American hotdog recipes from coast to coast, none with "ketchup":   One final article about why you should be ashamed to eat ketchup in public:   And in Season 2 of "Khortney and Khloe Take Miami" Khortney makes fun of her sister Khloe for putting Ketchup on her burger!  So, there you go.  You're a grown-up.  And you wouldn't go to  a bar and order a pint of "chocolate milk", or a "happy meal" for yourself and actually eat it and play with the toy in public (at least I HOPE you wouldn't!) don't use ketchup! It's not "unAmerican" it's just "immature".   Use CHOPPED TOMATOS with mustard. If it's a meatloaf recipe - use tomato sauce from real tomatos, never ketchup!

    Tomato Sauce: Take a can of whole tomatos (READ THE INREDIENTS) make sure the only ingredient is tomatos (NOT "Tomato Paste" or "Tomato from CONCENTRATE" that means "Added SUGAR") Or boil 10-15 real whole, firm tomatos until they get soft and the skin burst open. Drain.  Peel off the tomato skins and put "naked tomatos" back into the pot.  Take a potato masher and mash up those tomatos.  Add basil and garlic to your likeing and VOILA! You've out-smarted "Ragu", "Prego" "Hunts" and all those other companies who don't care if their product makes you sick because they put sugar or corn syrup into their product because its cheap, they just want your money.  Oh - any making your own pasta sauce is CHEAPER than buy the poison already pre-made by those companies I mentioned above.

    Pasta: This is a tough one. Pasta SPIKES your blood sugar levels really high because most of them are made with that poison a.k.a. "Bleached White All-purpose Flour" which is STRIPPED of ALL Nutritional value.  If you want to make pasta for dinner, this is what you should do:

    1.) There's a new Japnese noodle on the market that has ZERO CARBS, ZERO CALORIES and ZERO FAT and 8% of your daily iron needs (not bad - you get some nutritional value for no calories, fat or carbs!)  They are called "SHIRATAKI NOODLES" and you can buy them online or at any Asian market.  I'm going to be honest and tell you these noodles are very "wet", so you will need to drain them for about an hour before you use them. Sometimes I will even blot them a few times with paper towels. But for me, that's a SMALL price to pay considering the ONLY calories will be coming from my HOMEMADE, NO SUGAR ADDED tomato sauce.  Just don't blow the whole thing by drowning it in high-fat cheese, LOL!
    2.) Ok, if you don't want to go the Shirataki noodles route, when you buy pasta - buy either "Dreamfields" brand in the black box (because that only has 5-6 net carbs per serving) OR buy a brand that is WHOLE WHEAT.  Again, read the ingredients.  it should say "DURAM WHOLE WHEAT".  I don't care if "Barilla" says it's made with Omega 3 - rememer, "Barilla" is a corporation, and corporations are all about making money they don't care about your health - just your money!  Don't trust the creative ways they try to get you to buy their product by saying its "wholesome" or whatever on the front of the box.... YOU DECIDE if it's "wholesome" or not by turning the box over and reading the nurtrion and ingredients labels.
    3.) Ok, so you've gone with the option above, option #2. THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOU CAN HAVE PASTA 5 TIMES A WEEK BECAUSE IT'S WHOLE WHEAT. 2, maybe 3 times - as long as it's not 2-3 days in a row.

    Fruit Juice: Ugh!  NEVER buy store bought brands.  I don't CARE what they say on the bottle - most of them are only 10% juice or less and EVEN the ones that are 100% juice, usually come from concentrate or have added sugar..... Please.... make your own.  Buy a juicer at a yard sale or a boot sale and buy whole pieces of fruit, cut them up and put them through the electric juicer.  An example of a really delish and healthy juice is: 1 beet (yes, that's right I said "one beet" not just for a nice natural viberant red color instead of Red Dye #14 - beets are loaded with cancer-killing anti-aging antioxidants) 1 or 2 carrots, then a handful of dark berries, and an apple or two followed by a small chunk of FRESH GINGER for a heavenly taste (AND, this keeps getting better... Not only is FRESH GINGER Delish.... Guess what?  It's GOOD FOR YOU!  It's a natural anti-biotic, it lowers cholesteral, great for circulation and so much more.  And here, you just though it tasted good!)  See!  No Need for "V-8" and "Welchs" anymore.  Just make your own. (For grape juices, make sure you wash the grapes well before tossing into juicer)

    Bread: STAY AWAY FROM WHITE BREAD!!!!!  If you're going to eat this, you might as well smoke a carton of cigarettes and binge drink too, because WHITE BREAD IS DEATH!  If you must eat bread, use: Food For Life Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Grain Bread Flourless Organic Frozen

    *****More Tips Coming Soon*******    

    I am here in search of great recipes that are seriously reduced in SUGAR (the ONLY acception I make is NATURAL, UNPROCESSED SUGAR, i.e. A TOMATO, but NOT "Paul Neuman's 13grams of added table sugar Tomato Sauce") reduced in calories, reduced in carbs, reduced in fat.  Mostly vegan recipes because I'm thinking that's the best way to cut out all the junk and stay closer to whole foods.  So that's what inspires me to cook


    Favorite Foods

    What is my favorite dish? Hmmm anything British: Shepherd's Pie, Chicken Pot Pie, Bangers and Mash, Fish & Chips.  Also, German food is fantastic: Saukraut, CurryWurst, the funny thing is, I just noticed that German and British cuisines are heavily "meat & potatos" and I'm a "low carb vegan" Ha ha!

    But I found away around that! (well... still perfecting the recipes)  Thanks to "Lightlife" products, I don't have to use Tofu until I want to scream.  I can actually use products that looks and taste like real chicken and real ground meat - but have NO FAT and 14 GRAMS of PROTEIN!  That's been a great help.  And I don't miss the real meat at all.

    I'm straying away from soymilk (because TOO MUCH soy is like taking way too much estrogen and can fuel some estrogen-based cancers, so watch out!)  Almond milk or rice milk works better.  I was never a big fan of milk but you do need them in savory recipes.

    What dish am I famous for? Anything I post on this website would fit the bill. 

    What is my favourite restaurant? The Queen Victoria Pub in NYC. (watch - all my vegan friends are going to look that place up and complain there's nothing for vegans to eat there. Lol!)

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